Kate Francis

Kate Francis is the author of Double Image, the first book in the Kenna Devlin Mysteries. Double Image is available as a paperback on Barnes and Noble and Amazon and as an ebook for Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.

When the Governor of New Jersey agrees to run for Vice-President, he sets in motion a chain of events no one could have anticipated. Now Executive Protection Officer Kenna Devlin is looking for a kidnapped child no one else believes is missing.

The newest member of the Executive Protection unit responsible for the safety of the Governor of New Jersey and his family, Kenna is frustrated because she is always assigned to guard the Governor’s infant son. She longs for something more challenging – until the day Andrew is kidnapped out from under her. When he’s found unharmed, no one is more relieved than Kenna, until she stumbles upon information that suggests the child who was recovered is not the same child who was taken. Unsure who to trust, she enlists the help of a skeptical FBI agent, a former lover, and the alleged kidnapper in her quest to save baby Andrew and uncover the reasons behind the kidnapping.



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